Earth and Sea Exhibition

Exhibition - finished

East and West Art - 665 High Street, East Kew 

Louise Foletta, Painter and Glenys Hazelman, Potter.

Thankyou to all of the people who came along to my exhibition, it was a wonderful success.


Bithry Inlet, an isolated spot on the NSW southern coast is the inspiration for many of these paintings.

Rather than capture a spectacular moment I try to capture a timeless moment of beauty and wonder.

Solitude, repeating rhythms of the tides, lapping waves on the sand, and the cool fresh water entering the lagoon from the mountains mixing with the salty waters from the ocean, inspire a spirituality where I seem connect with the universe and its wonders and peace.

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At other times in nature, especially after the Black Saturday Fire I find this same connection with the universe.With these paintings I hope to take you there.

A long time friend, a potter from Taggerty, will be sharing the exhibition with me. Glenys Hazelman will be showing delicate porcelain works with leaf impressions burned into the surface.

Exhibition Opening - 12th July 2018

 The Exhibition was opened by Joanna Baevski,   Below is an extract from her opening remarks.

It is my pleasure to open the Earth and Sea Exhibition with Louise’s Painting and Glenys’s Ceramics.

I have known Louise for over 50 years and have always been an admirer of her work. Traditionally the southern coastal area of NSW from Nowra in the north to the NSW/Victorian border belonged to the Yuin aboriginal people.

A small but beautiful pocket of this coastal paradise is called Penders. Located in the Mimosa Rocks National Park on the far south coast between Tathra and Bermagui.

This 500 acre property was purchased by my late father, Ken Myer and his friend the architect Sir Roy Grounds in the mid 1960’s. The land adjoins Bithry inlet to the north, the inlet being the entrance to Lake Wapengo and Wapengo Creek. With the Southern Ocean immediately to the east; the forests of the national park are to the south and west.

In 1976 Ken and Roy signed an agreement to handover of all but the 40-acre home block overlooking Bithry to the National Parks authority. The home block containing the three main buildings was leased back to the Myer and Grounds families until January 2011. It was my daughter Kate's inspiration that led to the first art camp at Penders in 2005.

Louise has been one of the regular visitors since then. Often held during May the painting camp usually involved 4 to 6 women engaged in a week of drawing, painting, conversation, good food and wine. The retreat has proved a rich muse for Louise's practice.

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