Earth and Sea Exhibition 2

Exhibition - finished

East and West Art - 665 High Street, East Kew 

Louise Foletta, Painter and Glenys Hazelman, Potter.

Glenys Hazelman - Giving thanks

Firstly I would like to thank my partner Robert for putting up with me. I took over the kitchen table with porcelain bowls, plates and vases because it was too cold in my workshop. There were red box leaves all over the place and still somehow he managed to cook our meals.

Thankyou to my sister Sheryl and brother-in-law Neville with friend Jo who have travelled all the way from Mooroopna tonight to support me.

Thankyou to all my friends who have encouragd me to get back to being a potter and to Margaret and Alan who have travelled from Eildon

A special thankyou to Louise for asking me to share this beautiful exhibition. It is such an honour to be presented along with your stunning artworks. Louise paints from the heart and from a very deep place, connecting intimately with her subject. Our works compliment each other and celebrate the beauty of our natural world.

Marjorie from East and West Art, what can you say, she is an amazing woman and I was thrilled for the opportunity to exhibit in such a reputable gallery. It is a beautiful gallery.

Joanna, thank you for coming to open the exhibition. Bithry Inlet must be a very beautiful and special place. I would like to present this bowl to you in appreciation.

Thank you all for stepping out into the cold to share this evening with us.

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