Awards, Prizes, Exhibitions


2017 Victorian Artisis Society Winter Exhibition Daniel Smith Award

2017 Bendigo Bank Landscape Prize, Warranwood. Jeanette Davison Curator Montsalvat

2016 Highly Commended MSWPS Annie Oliver Davison Award Cathy Leahy NGV Curator of Prints and Drawings

2016 Highly Commended MSWPS, Danks Trust Award ,Jacquie Nicholas-Reeves

2015 Warranwood Prize for Best Abstract, Kendrah Morgan of Heidi Gallery

2015 Highly Commended Yarra Glen Art Show

2014 Highly Commended, MSWPS Annual Exhibition (Helen Brack)

2013 Highly Commended, St Kevin's Art Show (John Dwyer)

2010 Certificate of Honour, Nanjing, China

2009 MSWPS Annie Davison Oliver Award, judge Susan McCulloch

2007 Ivanhoe Contemporary Art Prize, judge David Moore

2004 MSWPS Annie Davison Oliver Award, judge Felicity St John Moore

2002 CAA Prize for 3D, judge David Bradshaw

2001 CAA Prize for Painting, judge Dr Ted Gott, NGV


2017 Moments in our Timeless Landscape Cato Gallery VAS

2016 Recollections Victorian Arists Society. Foletta. Rennie, Reitze and Beeton

2015 Transformation and TraditionTacit Contemporary Art, Abbotsford

2015 The Fragile Land: Seasons and Cycles, The Lyceum Club, Melbourne

2015 A Summer Collection, Sedona Estate Winery, Murrindindi

2014 Points of View Tacit Contemporary Art, Collingwood

2013 Stories Tacit Contemporary Art, Collingwood

2013 Observing the Landscape: The Black Saturday Series, Buxton Memorial Hall

2012 Into the Centre: Lake Eyre and Beyond, Tacit Contemporary Art, Abbotsford

2011 Fragmentation. Tacit Contemporary Art, Abbotsford

2011 Smoke and Silence. Gallery 34, Yea

2011 A Generation of Paintings. Cambridge Studio Gallery, Collingwood

2010 Burnt Kilometre: Black Saturday Series. Tacit Contemporary Art, Abbotsford

2009 Fragility and Balance, Australian Landscapes. Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong

2006 The Fragile Land. Cotham Gallery 101

2004 Arabunna Arabunna and the Big Sky Country. Trinity Grammar School

2003 Landscapes Through Time. Lake Gallery, Paynesville

2002-2003 Louise Foletta Outback. Yering Station Gallery, Yarra Glen